Effectively Resolving Contract Disputes

The creation of a contract can establish a successful business relationship, but it also may lead to numerous potential problems. A contract is a promise between two parties to exchange items or obligations. Most notably, when you contract with someone, you each gain the right to enforce the other party's promise.

Professional Help For Contract Conflicts

If a dispute over a contract arises, your best option is to seek the professional guidance of a lawyer. Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC, has over 25 years of experience representing parties in contract disputes. Many people choose to enter into contracts without the guidance of an attorney, but there are serious potential consequences to handling a contract dispute on your own.

Contract disputes can result from consumer or business agreements, and we can assist you with both. The potential for contract-related legal challenges is ever-present. From your apartment lease to your contract for employment to your friend's promissory note to pay back a personal loan, contracts come in many forms.

In fact, insurance policies are essentially contracts as well. Disputes regarding insurance coverage or claims may necessitate the help of a detailed lawyer. Our Kentucky firm provides guidance for insurers and policyholders who face conflicts about what exactly the policy in question covers.

How To Remedy A Breach Of Contract

If a contract dispute requires contract litigation, you want an experienced and skilled attorney representing your interests. We can provide you legal assistance whether someone has harmed you by breaching a contract or you are being accused of committing a breach. We may be able to challenge the validity of a contract. On the other hand, if you face claims of breaching a contract, we will work to find appropriate defenses.

It is important to remember that contracts are not always written documents. A party can breach an oral agreement just as he or she can breach a written agreement. Your attorney can help you navigate this unique type of contract dispute.

Are You Ready To Face An Insurance Or Contract-Related Problem?

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