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Louisville Employment Law Attorney

Because we spend so much time at our workplace, it ends up being a common place for legal issues to arise. Employment is essential to our livelihood, so a lot is at stake when problems occur that involve our job. Many issues can be resolved within a business, but there are situations when they escalate. When a lawyer becomes involved, everyone's interests are best-served if the lawyer is capable and knowledgeable about employment law.

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Experience And Compassion

At Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC, in Louisville, Kentucky, we develop a personal relationship with our clients. This allows us to understand their fears and goals and to build trust that allows for a successful working relationship. Employment issues can involve a dispute over an employment contract (usually in the form of a non-compete agreement), harassment by co-workers or management, whistle-blowing and retaliation or workplace discrimination based on age or sex. Each of these issues — and various others — implicates the law in unique and specific ways.

When these types of problems arise, they interrupt the ability for a business to carry on its day-to-day functions. Many workplace issues result in intense emotions. In addition to our legal function, we aim to calm the stress and chaos these issues can cause to allow everyone to approach them with a clear head.

A Safe And Peaceful Workplace

In general, employers and employees want the same thing. Their relationship is mutually beneficial when things are running smoothly. When an attorney gets involved, it becomes a challenge to maintain professional normalcy. We strive to remove the conflict from the workplace and handle the problem in a way that has the least effect on an aggrieved employee and the business.

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