Confronting Discrimination In Your Workplace

Facing a problem at work can make every day difficult. Serious issues, such as discrimination, may also impact your overall health and career opportunities. Verbal abuse, physical harassment, demotion or termination are often key signs of workplace discrimination.

At Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC, we pursue Kentucky discrimination claims with the seriousness and respect they deserve. We want to hear your story, help you build your case and hold an employer accountable for any wrongdoing they may have committed.

Please note: In addition to our counsel for employees, we sometimes represent employers in employment discrimination cases.

What Is The Difference Between Discrimination And Retaliation?

Although it can be easy to recognize when an employer is treating you unfairly, it can be difficult to figure out what type of claim to make. At a consultation, our talented attorney can provide personalized advice for your case.

Discrimination refers to unfair treatment based on inherent qualities, such as:

  • Age, both young or old
  • Sex, gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy or parental status
  • Race
  • Disability
  • Religious affiliation

On the other hand, retaliation is unfair treatment in response to your actions. An employer might wrongfully retaliate against a worker who takes legitimate time off, reports harassment or asks about a safety violation. For either discrimination or retaliation claims, it is vital to learn about your rights from a qualified attorney.

How To Address Discrimination At Work

If you have faced discrimination, you might feel powerless and frustrated. Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC, empowers employees with the knowledge and talent that we developed over an extensive legal career. Together, we can work toward fair treatment as well as your individual goals.

In some cases, your company's human resources staff may be able to help you. If they fail to resolve the issue, you can seek a free consultation with our experienced attorney. We will review the circumstances of your case and make recommendations or take legal action on your behalf.

If your case involves a discrimination lawsuit, evidence is advantageous. Our Louisville law firm can help you gather information, including email records or witness testimony, to support your claim.

Seek Help For Employment Discrimination

Taking steps to protect yourself from discrimination may seem daunting at first. The same is true if you are an employer accused of discrimination on the job. However, our founding attorney can represent you with professionalism. We approach these cases in a way that shields your reputation and helps you recover from the damage you suffered. Call our lawyer for help at 502-208-5059 or tell us about your discrimination case with our contact form.