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Louisville Trust And Estate Lawyer

A shocking and unfortunate number of individuals never consider the importance of estate planning or creating a will. Others understand the importance of a will but choose to make one on their own, without consulting an attorney. Failing to establish instructions for handling and distributing your estate or leaving an invalid will places your loved ones in a challenging situation after you pass on. If you need guidance on estate planning or assistance drafting a will or trust, contact Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Choose Your Legacy

If you do not plan how your property and possessions will be distributed, your loved ones will be left engaged in a complex legal process focused on guessing what you would have wanted. Unfortunately, it is common for loved ones to disagree on this issue and for conflicts to arise among them over the issue of how to handle your estate.

When you make a meaningful estate plan, with a lawyer's professional help, you can be confident that your estate will be handled in accordance with your wishes. You also will give your family the gift of preventing internal conflict at an already difficult time. We can discuss all of your options, including creating a trust that prevents your family from having to handle your estate through the probate process.

Estate Litigation

Even when a will is present, there still may be problems that require you to seek legal help. Will contests can arise for various reasons. A family member may challenge the validity of a will or question recent changes to a will or believe the loved one was not capable of executing a valid will for reasons of capacity or competence. When a situation arises that requires litigation over an estate, you need an attorney with the experience and compassion to guide you through the process. Our founding attorney, Ballard Rogers, provides clients his personal attention throughout the legal process.

If you need a Louisville trust and estate attorney for either estate planning, assistance with estate administration or litigation, call Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC, at 502-208-5059 or 800-607-9203.

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