Safeguarding Your Estate And Establishing Trusts

Unfortunately, a shocking number of people never consider their estate or create a simple will. Others understand the importance of a will, but they make their own without consulting an attorney. People in either circumstance may be making major financial and personal mistakes.

Failing to clarify your wishes or leaving an invalid will may place your loved ones in a challenging situation after you pass on. To shield them from this stress, you can start building your plan today. If you seek guidance on estate planning or need assistance drafting a will or trust, contact Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC.

Design Your Legacy

If you do not plan how your property and possessions will be distributed, they will likely be distributed according to state laws, which might not match your intent. You might also expose your loved ones to potential conflict. Sadly, it is common for loved ones to disagree on your wishes and for disputes to arise among them over how to handle your estate.

When you make a meaningful estate plan, you can be confident in the future of your property. You also will give your family the gift of peace at an emotional time. We can discuss your options, such as creating a trust that may allow your family to evade probate.

Finding The Truth Through Estate Litigation

Even when a will is present, there still may be problems that require you to seek legal help. For example, a family member might suspect that a trustee is violating their fiduciary duty, or they may dispute a decedent's will.

Will contests can arise for various reasons. An eligible party may challenge the validity of a will, question recent changes to a will or contend that the loved one was not capable of executing a valid will. Our Kentucky law firm understands why you might have these concerns.

When a situation requires litigation over an estate, you need a lawyer with experience and compassion. Our estate litigation lawyer, Ballard Rogers, can provide personal attention throughout this process.

We Can Answer Your Estate Questions

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