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Louisville Insurance Defense Lawyer

Facing A Personal Injury Claim

When someone is injured, they often make claims against an individual or business. If someone has claimed you are responsible for his or her personal injury, defense by a capable lawyer is critical. There can be expensive consequences to this type of allegation. You will want an attorney who is skilled and capable at defending these accusations through negotiation and representing you if litigation becomes necessary.

At Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC, in Louisville, Kentucky, we have over 20 years of experience defending and sometimes prosecuting personal injury claims. We recognize that facing a claim of this type can be as hard on you as on the injured party. You will receive non-judgmental, compassionate representation from everyone in our office. Call us at 502-208-5059 or 800-607-9203 to schedule an appointment with an attorney.

Working With Insurance Companies

When an insurance policy includes a duty to defend an insured party, it is in the interest of the insurance company and the insured to have quality representation. Insurance policies including homeowner's, workers' compensation, automobile and malpractice require defense by an attorney when a claim cannot be resolved by the insurer. We understand what it takes to successfully defend these cases, and we give the insured our personal attention in working to resolve these cases efficiently.

The ability to evaluate and understand insurance policies is essential to competent insurance defense. We are skilled and experienced in analyzing complex coverage issues and providing an effective defense. When an insurer cannot reach a resolution that is fair to both parties, litigation may become necessary. The claiming party will have experienced legal representation, and the insured should too.

To speak with a personal injury and insurance defense attorney in Louisville, contact Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC.

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