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The Contract Dispute Advocacy You Need

There are many situations we may find ourselves in that result in the creation of a contract. Put simply, a contract occurs when two parties make a promise to exchange items or obligations. The law surrounding contracts is slightly more complex, but when you contract with someone, you each end up with the right to enforce the other party’s promise. The failure or refusal to fulfill such an obligation is called a breach of contract.

Having such a breach can bring business, and profits, to a halt. So it’s important to partner with a legal professional who understands what’s important to your business and how to get the resolution that best aligns with your goals. Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC, offers extensive contract dispute assistance for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

An Established Reputation For Many Types Of Contract Dispute Resolution

If a dispute over a contract arises, your best option is to seek the professional assistance of a lawyer. Attorney Ballard Rogers has over 25 years of experience representing parties in contract disputes. Many people choose to enter into contracts without the guidance of an attorney, but there are serious potential consequences of handling a contract dispute on your own.

Contract disputes can result from business or personal agreements. Attorney Ballard Rogers can assist you with both. The potential for legal challenges surrounding a contract is everywhere. From your apartment lease, to your contract for employment, to your friend’s promissory note, to pay back a personal loan, contracts come in many forms. Additionally, Ballard Rogers has years of experience with a broad base of construction law issues.

Handling Oral And Written Breach Of Contract Matters

It is important to remember that contracts are not always written documents. A party can breach an oral agreement just as they can breach a written agreement. If someone has harmed you by breaching a contract or if you are being accused of committing a breach, Ballard Rogers can help. There are defenses to an alleged breach of contract, and he may even be able to challenge the validity of the contract itself.

If a contract dispute requires contract litigation, you want an experienced and skilled attorney representing your interests. Ballard Rogers spent years at large, prestigious law firms where he gained valuable legal tools he will use to assist you.

A Trusted Louisville Attorney

Contact Ballard Rogers Law Office, PLLC, for personal attention from a Louisville attorney with extensive contract dispute experience. To discuss your contract issue at a free initial consultation, call the firm at 502-754-2724. You can also initiate communication via this contact email form.